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born again, remarried for 25 years


    Born again, remarried for 31 years


Sandy and Walter Fox were not saved during their initial nine-year marriage.

They divorced in the ninth year. After seven years of divorce, God saved Walter and told him to "return to the wife of his youth." Walter began to pray for the reconciliation of his marriage. After waiting on the Lord...Sandy received the Lord and they were married again in the Lord.

We want to share this wonderful demonstration of God's mercy and power with other marriages in crisis. The anointing of the Holy Spirit will bring renewed hope, faith and healing to wounded hearts.

We have faith to believe husbands and wives can live an abundant married life in Christ and bring joy to the heart of God. The same healing anointing God poured into our lives, is available to every marriage willing to allow God to become the center of their marriage.

We pray for the healing of marriages in crisis.

"A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart"  Ecclesiastes 4:12


"I'm very glad to hear that you got your marriage back."

Dr. William Harley
Director of Marriage Builders 
Best Selling Christian Author