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God Hates Divorce


Statistics indicate about 50% of all marriages end in divorce. Sandy and I were once included in these statistics.

We were divorced after nine years of marriage and remained that way for seven years until God supernaturally healed our hearts and our marriage. A miracle took place in our lives. We were remarried to each other after seven years of divorce and have since been together for over 31 years.

In a recent issue of Charisma Magazine, Jack Hayford, a national spokesman for Christian values asked the question, "Don't marriage vows matter anymore?" He further said, "There seems to be an epidemic of adultery and divorce in the church today, and even church leaders are not immune. How should we respond to this tragedy?"

Lovesaver's response to this epidemic is to fight back in the power of God. The word of God is the anointing, Jesus breaks the yoke. Our marriage workshops are a demonstration of the power of His word.