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Word Given to Walter and Sandy Fox by Brother Howard Morgan on February 8, 1998 in Brooklyn, NY: 

Walter, Sandy come up I feel that God wants me to do something with you in the Spirit here prophetically.

I want you to stand together and cup your hands, thank you Lord.

You know when you were sharing with me your vision over dinner, the vision the Lord has five you for the work, you know, I feel like God wants to just affirm that you know, so I want, I feel that you’re supposed to do is cup your hands together like somehow your hands yeah, are to be cupped together—that’s good—amen. I just want to pour a drop of oil into your hands because I feel like God is anointing you for the work. I feel like that as you have joined your hearts and your lives and your hand now He’s going to anoint that and some interesting things are going to start happening as you’re praying. Lord, this is a work that you want to see done in the Body of Christ and You want to see reconciliation. You want to see healing. You want to see men and women, husbands and wives, yoked together for the purpose, Lord, of building your kingdom.

Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you, Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord, Father.

In the name of Jesus we anoint this couple. Lord, their hands joined together for the work. Lord, that you’re just beginning to birth in their spirits and, Lord, we want to seal that conception. We want to say to the enemy you will not abort this, you will not cause it to be stillborn and you will not cause it to be prematurely born. It was be born according to the time of God. It will be born when it is read to be born and we are just anointing the conception of this ministry.

We are anointing the conception of this vision. We are anointing the full development of this person that’s being born when it is ready to be born and we are just anointing the conception of this ministry. We are anointing the conception of this vision. We are anointing the full development of this person that’s being born.

 Lord, but all the different parts that are going to be needed to be knit together to make this baby when it’s born healthy and vibrant and ready to grow, Lord. You’re doing that work now. You’re giving Walter and Sandy the necessary nutrition, the necessary ingredients, the necessary knowledge, Lord, to fulfill the vision that’s in their life. Thank you, Father, we anoint that we seal it in the name of Jesus’ we protect it in the name of Jesus. Lord, thank you Father, right now, Lord, there is an impartation, I believe in the power of the Holy Spirit. That’s right. Just receive that. There’s an impartation now. Yes, that’s right, an impartation of God affirming an impartation of the anointing to encourage you in the battle that lies before you because nothing gets done in the Kingdom of God except through battle, except through trial, except through much tribulation you enter into the Kingdom of God.

Thank you, Lord, that they are equipped now to stand against the enemy. They are equipped now to stand against this vicissitudes that will come against them. Thank you, Father, for the diverse trials, but, Lord, it doesn’t matter because their eye is on the prize. Their eye is on Jesus; their eye is on the vision like the two oxen we talked about together, when the oxen are yoked together their eyes are not where they are now; their eyes are on where they are going. Thank you, Lord, their eye is on the price that is set before them. The call of God and the souls, the lives they can touch, Lord, the compassion you put in them for people they never met…for people they don’t know but yet there’s a compassion being bor in their hearts for these people that they would bring healing and restitution, healing and revival, healing and reconciliation, Lord, that what the enemy wants to separate God. You’re raising up these workers to the harvest field, Lord God, that what they enemy meant for destruction. They’re going to come and they’re going to stand in the gap and they’re going to be a voice that says NO, there is reconciliation, there is healing, there is revival, there is love, there is wholeness, there is sanctification in their marriages. Thank you, Lord, thank you, Father in the name of Jesus deal, ah ah, yes, that’s right, seal now in the name of Jesus. These are the new beginnings sister and brother; these are new beginnings. Alleluia! Yes, Lord, Yes Father, Yes Lord.

Jesus, we speak your name over their lives, we speak your name over their marriage, we speak your name over their yoke, and we speak your name over their mission together. Ah, ah. Alleluia, anoint this ministry, Lord, that is conceived. That it would come to full birth, Lord, and full maturity touching many lives, Lord, in many places. Lord, around the world, Lord, bigger than they can imagine, Lord, than they could ever hope for Father, above and beyond all they could ever ask or even think. Thank you, Father, in Jesus’ name. Alleluia, I feel there is anointing for service here tonight. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Holy Spirit.

You can sit. Thank you. 

Howard Morgan Ministries

Prophecy by Jorge Lorenzana-Guatemala On May 10, 2002 In Orlando, FL 

The Lord shows unto me that you're not in the place that He has assigned you to. But the Lord is not rebuking you or reclaiming you. Because that's the light that you had.

But now, there is a new light coming to you. There's a new revelation because that revelation is the one that's going to place you, put you in the place that the Father has assigned.

Lift up your hands. Stand up. Can you contain the Glory of God? Can you resist the weight of the Glory of the Father? Well, he has given you the hands that you would take the bars, that you would carry the ark. You can carry the Ark to other places. Only to those that have been authorized, that have been authorized to carry the Ark can carry it. 

The Lord has authorized you to carry His Glory, to resist the weight of the Glory that He wants to manifest in you and through you. I cause you to be free of the assignments that men have placed. I make you free of your own thoughts that have been a hindrance so that I could speak to you new things. The new things that I have ready, that I have prepared for you.

They are not for tomorrow, they are for today. This is the acceptable day. This is the proper day for you to receive them. Because today, I place you in the temple in the place that has been designed for you.